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Molasses for Feed

Molasses is viscous by product of processing Sugar Cane or Sugar beets into Sugar.
Molasses is source of quick energy and a rich source of Minerals for Farm Animals. Microbes in the Rumen, break down the sugars in Molasses rapidly, which causes a rapid release of energy, that makes molasses very useful for balancing other feeds in the diary diet all year round.
Feeding Molasses to Farm animals will improve digestion of pastures / hay, increases milk production, help maintain animal body condition and appetite.
Molasses can be added to supplement missing sugar and trace minerals and help with fermentation in cases of low quality forages, especially with low sugar levels.
Molasses can be fed in various ways and is very useful in many situations. Cattle and small ruminant producers can feel confident feeding molasses, knowing that they are feeding a safe and economical supplement.


Characteristic %
Density 84 Min
Ash, Sulphated 14 Max
TRS 50 Min

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