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Milk'o'fat T-100
(Palm fat Powder for Rumen)

Milk'o'fat T-100 Bypass fat Or Rumen protected Fat is a Palm Fat Powder high energy feed,100% derived from fully refined palm oil. It has non-hydrogenated fatty acid, and free from Trans Fatty Acids (TFA).
Milk'o'fat T-100 Bypass fat Or Rumen protected Fat is ideal by adding into ruminant food rations to boost up their energy uptake. It has high palmitic acid content. Palmitic acid can bypass ruminant rumen, become direct energy source for the ruminant. It is for high milk producing dairy cow with high energy demand but low appetite during first 100 days lactation. It is vital to supplement them with high energy diet “Milk'o'fat T-100” b, in order to have high milk production, and avoid energy deficiency

Milk'o'fat T-100 Bypass fat has the following advantages:

  • Palatable and free flowing.
  • High energy concentration.
  • Increase milk production.
  • Improve pregnancy rate.
  • Reducing ketosis and fatty liver incidence.


Milk'o'fat T-100 bypass fat is used as ingredient in feed pre-mixed production and complete feeds.


Milk'o'fat T-100 bypass fat is off white free flowing granule beads.

Direction for use

Feed at rate of 200-500 grams per dairy cow, per day or as directed by your nutritionist.

Storage and Shipping

It is essential to store and ship the product in the original packing in a cool and dry place. Shelf life is 12 months if stored in original unopened packaging.

Technical Specification Agrofat T-99
Total Fat% 99% Min.
Myristic acid(C14:0) 0-2%
Palmitic acid(C16:0) 70-80%
Stearic acid(C18:0) 3-7%
Other fatty acids 15-18%
Free Fatty Acid 1.0%(Max)
Iodine Value 20(Max)
Moisture & Impurities 0.5-1%
Melting Point 55-60 C
Colour Off white
Physical Form Beads

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